Our core values

With over a decade of successful engagements, and an exceptional client list, Macrosoft remains committed to the same core values we had at the time the company was formed:

  1. Providing our clients with productive and innovative business IT solutions through engagement of people and methods that are sharply focused on results, quality, and timely and effective implementation.
  2. Establishing strong long-term working relationships in which we focus intensely on a client’s needs, investing our own time and energy in gaining a full understanding of our client’s systems, data, and business processes.
  3. Providing highly qualified and professional development teams that can span the entire development lifecycle, from business process engineering and system architecture design, through final system hosting and maintenance.
  4. Maintaining a leading edge in software technology that allows us to design new systems efficiently and rapidly, and to successfully integrate these new system capabilities within complex business and IT environments.
  5. Strongly fostering internal development of re-usable components, systems and technologies critical to our clients’ needs in the application areas of marketing databases; e-marketing; and web-based variable print, thereby allowing us to offer our clients rapid solutions that conform to best business practices.

Macrosoft is well-positioned to develop and establish working relationships with new client organizations and we look forward to opportunities with new companies to prove ourselves as a dedicated and creative IT partner.

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