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Macrosoft Inc

Macrosoft is a leading edge software solutions company based in Parsippany NJ. We provide turn key solutions, custom development and support for technologies like Power Generation, Document Management, SEO, Telecommunications, Mainframe Migration as well as Android development. Macrosoft's highly qualified teams can successfully follow through each project's development lifecycle, from business process engineering and system architecture design through final system hosting and maintenance.

Macrosoft IT Solutions India Pvt

Macrosoft IT Solutions India Pvt. Ltd is a state-of-the-art information technology company based in Technopark, Trivandrum. We provide technology and development support for company headquarters, Macrosoft, Inc. USA. (www.macrosoftinc.com). Macrosoft Inc has been a key partner to many Fortune 500 companies for over a decade, as a leading provider of consulting services in software development and system integration.

Macrosoft's Advanced Composition Development Solutions (ACDS)

Macrosoft's Advanced Composition Development Solutions (ACDS) provides solutions to companies specializing in high-speed imaging, printing, card services, and large volume on demand print production processes. We provide unparalleled development and support for all phases of integrated print solutions.

Macrosoft MainFrame Migration

Macrosoft offers solutions customized to your specific needs. We have assisted our clients in successful migrations by helping them select the migration solutions that were right for their site, their management and operations, resource base and perfect fit for their current and future needs.

Macrosoft's Web2Print on-Demand

Web2Print On Demand allows enterprise users to easily create customized customer communications with vivid, full color images and sharp text that produce results. Web2Print On Demand’s simplicity of use and streamlined process save businesses both time and money, while driving the right documents to the right customers.

Macrosoft's Migrateto.Net

Macrosoft has a long list of clients for whom they have developed and supported FoxPro, Visual FoxPro, dBase and Visual dBase applications. Equally strong, is the list of clients for whom Macrosoft has developed applications in the .NET Framework utilizing Visual Studio, SQL Server, Access and Oracle. Visual Studio .NET has a pretty steep learning curve and conversion to it can be a significant undertaking. Macrosoft’s team of software engineers has been successfully developing in this environment for years as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

Macrosoft's Macrostaffing

Macrosoft provides the necessary training and support from co-workers and executives to keep our employees up to date on the most recent technologies while offering career development and advancement opportunities. Macrosoft's client base is in a variety of disciplines allowing employees to develop diversified work experience in their projects while establishing long term client relationships.

Macrosoft Cloud

Macrosoft Cloud Transformation Team have developed a proven 5-step Transformation methodology for successful adoption of Cloud.Our structured methodology is proven to reduce risk associated with Cloud Transformation of all sizes while providing the flexibility to customize execution based on key factors in your business.

Macrosoft’s Mobile

Macrosoft’s Business Mobile Solution service develops corporate mobile applications that smoothly integrate with existing systems. This service brings together Macrosoft’s expertise designing enterprise software systems with its experienced mobile application developers.